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  • YIELD Mastermind Talks is an iTunes Top 10 Rated Podcast!

  • The YIELD Mastermind Talks Podcast

    What is it?

    The YIELD Mastermind Talks podcast is an iTunes Top 10 show bringing you EXCLUSIVE content that is geared towards helping young people finding success in their lives!


    We bring you exclusive interviews from successful entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, students, and more, to help us figure out what it is that makes them successful, and how we can emulate them. We also ask them about their biggest challenges and roadblocks so that we can bypass them in our own journeys.


    We also bring you exclusive content based on YOUR requests! We love diving into topics that young leaders are interested in, and bringing them to the thousands of other listeners of the show. If you have a request for a topic, drop us a line at the bottom of the page!


    Bottom line, we believe that Jim Rohn said it best- "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." We are making it possible to sit down with some of the most successful young leaders in the world so that we can up our games. Thanks for joining our tribe!

    Why should I listen?

    If you are someone looking to excel in school, start a business, get more productive, or just learn from some of the most influential young leaders in the world, then this show is for you!


    Tune in as we provide content WEEKLY so that you can become a better version of you.

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  • What others are saying about the show

    If you are looking for a show that will display great stories of young people who have achieved success, look no further! This podcast will push you to strive more, stop following the crowd, and will teach you to find success no matter your age or resources. As an older man, I still love tuning in. Thanks for the show! --choomac


    Really interesting content that is captivating and provides great takeaways! Really easy to listen to. --JoRandizzle


    If anyone wants to succeed, they need to listen to this podcast. You're dropping value bombs! Looking forward to hearing more and sharing this great resource! Cheers. --Jason Blevins


    This is a podcast that is by young entrepreneurs, for young entrepreneurs! The topics are thought provoking and outside the lines, and the energy is always high. Definitely worth a listen. --Gariganello


    This is a great way to get started on networking skills for young professionals! Love it! --kn401

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