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YIELD Mastermind Talks Podcast live- Hits #2 in Top 10 on iTunes!

"Keep moving forward. One step at a time."
Hello all and thank you for joining us for another special Thursday blog post!
Today we are super excited to announce that our YIELD Mastermind Talks podcast is now live on both iTunes and Stitcher, the two biggest podcast platforms!
And not only did our podcast go live, it hit #2 in the Top 10 on iTunes!!!! This is HUGE because we made it all the way to the #2 spot in just 48 hours.
And our interview with Lauren Feather, Founder of Best Kept Secret Boutique, hit #185 on the Top 200 Episodes list!
This is super exciting because it shows that people care about the show, want to support it, and want to better themselves by listening. Thank you to all who helped! :)
This is huge for a number of reasons:
  1. This will get the YIELD Mastermind Group name out there to countless people;
  2. This is just one more source of content for the members'
  3. It will get successful people that are interviewed aware of the group and potential speakers;
  4. And so much more
Below are buttons that will link you to our show on both iTunes Radio and Stitcher Radio
Just because I want this to be as easy as possible for people to listen to all of our current shows, I have placed links to each of the five shows below:
Are you someone who is interested in the YIELD Mastermind Group?
Please email us at
We would love to have you as a guest to one of our meetings.
So long and talk to you next Thursday!
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