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Why Taking the Leap of Faith is so Difficult (and how to defeat it)

Why is it so difficult to take the leap?
When it comes to achieving our most sought after goals, nothing short of a MAJOR leap of faith can make it happen. If that's true, then why is it so difficult to jump? Why is does it feel so much more natural to stay in our comfort zones?
In my experience, taking the leap of faith was so difficult, that it was actual easier to accept pain than it was to put myself out there. I would much rather continue doing the wrong things (which by the way, were about as wrong as wrong gets) than make the change to doing what I knew would lead to success.
If you are anything like I was, you have feelings of doubt as to whether you can actually reach your goals or not. You know deep down that nothing else could bring you as much joy, freedom, and fulfillment as reaching your goals could, but still, you stand by and accept defeat. I know how that feels because I was there. I knew what the realization of my dreams would mean. I could envision my life after having hit my mark. I could taste the food, I could see the world's marvels, I could feel the change. But that wasn't enough to get me to act. 
It all hit me in an instant. I finally understood what it would take. I could take the leap of faith, and stay strong in my vision and know that everything would work out. For what it's worth, here's how I did it. It worked for someone like me, which means it could work for someone like you. Trust me, I'm nothing out of the ordinary.
Taking the leap
Taking the leap of faith, after you get past the boogie monster it pretends to be, is actually the easy part of the whole process.
The hard part, in my personal experience, is not turning back once you've made the leap. Sure, the leap is pretty darn hard. Not everyone is ready to leave their old lives behind in a quest for the life they have always wanted (seems crazy when you put it that way, huh). Once you realize that taking the leap is actually the first step that allows everything else to unfold, the hard part is sticking with it.
I know this from experience. I wanted to be a writer, so I become a journalism major. I then wanted to be an athletic trainer for a sports team, so I started that. But wait, I always wanted to get rich, so I changed my mind again. 
The hard part for me wasn't taking the leap (after I had gotten used to doing so), the hard part was sticking with it, and going public. 
Let's get into it!
How to beat the fear of leaping
1. Get uncomfortable with being comfortable
The first thing we need to do to defeat the fear of leaping is to get uncomfortable with being comfortable. All of our problems with chasing our dreams stems from us being way too comfortable. What would you rather do- risk everything to start your dream business or continue at your job where the check continues to come in?
It's tough to let go of certainty when the proposed outcome is so uncertain. My mentor Chuck Blakeman used to always say that people would rather take pain than be uncertain. And that makes total sense. Would you rather know the outcome, and have the ability to prepare for it, or have no idea what's going to happen? The problem is, the later is the one that produces the results we are all looking for.
Practice leaving your comfort zone every day on a small level. If you don't like talking with strangers, force yourself to compliment someone you've never met. If you are uncomfortable in the gym, get your ass in there and act like you own the place. Practice getting out of your comfort zone, and then when you take the leap, it's a feeling you've already practiced dealing with.
I'll finish with this: if your dreams and goals ARE that important to you, you will learn to get uncomfortable with being comfortable. 
2. Update your circle of influence
Have you ever noticed that successful people hang around with other successful people? Have you ever wondered why those who are successful stay successful, and those who haven't found success rarely do?
If you could learn just one principle today, it would be this: you need to hang around those who you want to be like. Plain and simple.
If you want to become a doctor, find a group of doctors that will let you join them for coffee. If you want to own a business, join a business networking group and follow around the most successful guy. When it comes to taking the leap of faith, you need to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up, not cut you down.
Think about your current friend group: when you tell them your grandiose ideas, are they going to support you? Or are they going to tell you all the reasons why you will never accomplish that thing? If you are hanging around with the former, keep up the good work. If you are hanging around the latter, you need to upgrade your friends.
3. Get an accountability partner
When you set a goal for yourself, are you the only one holding yourself accountable? If so, it's probably easy for you to convince yourself that you can do that task tomorrow. Or do talk to that mentor next week. 
When it comes to reaching your goals, you need to go public and have people holding you accountable. If you have someone holding you accountable to what you say you are going to do, and you don't do it, then they are gonna be in your face about it. If you have a partner and you do accomplish the goal, they will lift you and make sure you keep that forward momentum.
Don't let your own self-doubt and fear take you away from reaching your goals. Get an accountability partner who you can help forward, and who is going to make sure you stick by your word!
Don't let your fears get in the way- take the leap!
In conclusion, if you want to reach your goals, you have to do something different than you've always been doing. Find a group of people, like the YIELD Mastermind Group, that will lift you up help you reach your goals. 
If you want some more info on taking the leap, check out the podcast that I recorded about taking the leap!
Go after your goals!
If you want some help, reach out to us and we will help you get started. Everyone wants you to succeed, it's just that most people are so afraid of success they don't know how to direct you to it.
Reach out to someone who has found success and ask them to help. Reach out to us and we will guide you. Don't take no for an answer when it comes to reaching your goals.
You only have one life to live, and one chance to make your dreams a reality. Are you going to let life keep you down, never accomplishing your deepest desires? Or are you going to take the leap and make something happen.
Damn right. Take the leap.
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