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What is a Mastermind Group, Really?

Interested in joining a mastermind group? Trying to figure out what exactly a mastermind group is? Search no further.
"If you aren't in a mastermind group, you aren't important." - Unknown (Although we think it was Abe Lincoln or Gandhi)
Hello Hello Hello!
Thanks for joining us for another fantastic Thursday blog post :)
This week, we wanted to share with you guys what a mastermind group is REALLY all about. As I sat down to write this post, I began to think about how few people actually know what a mastermind group is. And of the people that DO know what a mastermind group is, a small fraction of those actually understand all that a mastermind group offers.
After doing some research and realizing that no one really has a great understanding of what a mastermind group is, I figured I should be the one to tell them (what a terrible idea, I know).
As I sat down to think about what a mastermind group is, does, etc. I began to think about how funny it would be to create a spoof video on what a mastermind group is.
That video is what you see at the top of this page.
First of all, let me inform you that I don't normal rock a mustache on a day-to-day basis.
I was in a transitionary stage in the shaving process (for those of you who are women or can't actually grow a beard, that's when you have a gnarly beard that requires more than one step to shave it). I left the mustache because I thought it was funny and decided that if I was to record a funny video about mastermind groups, I might as well do so with a 'stache, so... You're welcome.
If you thought this video was funny, thought I looked like a total jackass, or just want others to laugh at my face, then please feel free to share! 
Peace and Love.
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