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What I Learned From a Yogi (and What You Can Learn, too)

Honestly, can anything really be learned from a tree-hugging yogi who coaches people on how to eat organic for a living?
Click the button below to hear the interview with Gina Flanagan, a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Instructor who has a WHIRLWIND of a story.
"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." - Jim Rohn
Hello everyone and thanks for joining us today for another fantastic blog post from the YIELD Mastermind Group!
Today is a special day because we get to look into something that has NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN OR STUDIED- looking into the mind of a real-life, tree-hugging yogi. WOAH.
I know. Some of you might be saying "That has totally been done before, probably thousands of times". And my answer to that would be ok, you are probably right.
But in all honesty I'm super pumped to share with you guys my podcast in which I had the opportunity to interview Gina Flanagan- YIELD Mastermind Group member, yoga instructor, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and goal-coaching guru for lululemon athletica.
Contrary to her size (she's probably 5 foot even, if that), she has lived a whole lot of life. She has had her ups and downs, in which she shares in depth during the interview, and she has overcome obstacles that most people don't have the power to overcome.
She shares with us her insights into how she rose to accomplish great things after hitting her bottom, what she thinks is most important to her success, and much more.
If you guys want to learn more about how yoga can reduce stress, increase you productivity, and more, you need to listen to this interview.
If you guys are interested in hearing about Gina's insight into how she overcame great obstacles, stop what you are doing and click the button below to hear the interview. Seriously, do it.
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