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My takeaways from Archangel Academy 2016: Part 1 (shh.. don't tell Giovanni)

Below is $5,000 worth of information learned from the WORLD's most innovative, kind, loving, caring, and abundant (and much more I can't even describe) thought leaders all locked in a room together for two days.
You are welcome.
Wow. That's really all I can muster up after attending the 2016 Archangel Academy.
For those of you who have no clue what Archangel Academy is, that's ok. You will definitely want to know after reading this blog post.
Below is a screenshot from the Archangel Academy website about what their mission is:
I had the opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring, thoughtful, and loving people that are making the biggest impact in our world today.
Here are just a few of the speakers that graced our presence.
Meet Hal Elrod, the man who is making all of our mornings more productive through his best-seller, Miracle Morning.
For those of you in the YIELD Mastermind Group, I know you all have heard me reference the Five-Minute Journal and how it is changing my attitude in HUGE ways. Meet UJ Ramdas, author of the Five-Minute Journal.
I know a lot of you have either read, or at least been made aware of Joseph Campbell, the great philosopher. If you are looking for a FANTASTIC documentary providing insight into the Hero's Journey, you need to check out Finding Joe. Meet the producer, Patrick Takaya Solomon.
Now, to the good stuff. ALL my notes, takeaways, and more.
Day 1
  • Teammates show up on time, give everything they've got without holding back, celebrate success, show up together, win together, and leave together
  • Our obligation is to make a contribution to greatness
  • (Circle Exercise- Energy, 1-2-3)
Patrick Takaya Solomon (Finding Joe)
  • Our client is the hero on a journey, we just need to be a "Yoda" to them on their quest
  • Synchronicity is the sign that we are following our bliss
  • Bliss- Total alignment
  • You're in the right space when it occupies your shower time
  • Missing element in storytelling- good characters!
  • Pat's favorite movie- Kung Fu Hustle
  • Don't gloss over low points in story
Natalie MacNeil (
  • "You are one of us and all of us"
  • The living share the Earth with those who have come before
  • We see what we believe
  • Mana- source- power
  • Mudras- if you don't know, look it up! Three we did- opening, trust, power
First Round of 126 Talks
  • Generating Leads- 1) Sexual Encounters with Strangers, 2) Brussel Sprouts
  • You must give before you ask, receive, etc.
  • Give tools they will ACTUALLY use (when was the last time you read an eBook?)
  • What you appreciate, appreciates
  • Money comes in as thank you notes, giving it away is a sign of appreciation
  • Your gift is right next to your wound
  • Good people CAN win
  • Being courageous doesn't feel good in the moment, it feels good afterwards
  • Take everything you do and write it down- categorize- Penthouse, Safehouse, Doghouse
  • Worst is the safehouse- delegate and relegate
  • Give away free books with coupon code, track people, and add on social
  • Podcast interviews are GOLDEN
Hal Elrod (Miracle Morning)
  • What do authors really want? -Impact and Income
  • 5 Core Strategies:
  • 1) Maintain a thriving community
  • 2) Change ongoing behavior (people normally finish book and move on to the next one)
  • 3) Incentivize sharing
  • 4) Create your back end
  • 5) Never stop promoting
  • 1) Maintain a thriving community
  • Opt in page (free content)- audio opt in page, utilize
  • Special invitation (in your book)- Facebook group, etc. for book
  • Ongoing content (always add value)
  • 2) Change ongoing behavior
  • Ritual and routines (to do)
  • Daily affirmations (to say)
  • Accountability partners (to lead)
  • 3) Incentivize sharing
  • Articulate the value of paying it forward
  • Explain the power of accountability
  • Set up an opt in page with fast start kit!
  • 4)Create your backend
  • Speaking
  • Coaching (group and 1 on 1, private)
  • Online products (passive income)
  • Live events (& Masterminds)
  • 5) Never stop promoting
  • OPP (other people's podcasts)
  • Podcast
  • Videos and webinars
  • Host a podcast
  • Give books away for free
Jonah Berger (Contagious)
  • How tasty is the way we communicate?
  • Walt Disney, Scrubbing bubbles, Cherios ex. Which has more word of mouth? -Cherios
  • Two copies of your book- One for reader, one to give away- Marketing!
  • People tend to be friends with other people who like them
  • 7% of word of mouth is online
  • Six key STEPPS
  1. Social Currency
  2. Triggers
  3. Emotion
  4. Public
  5. Practical value
  6. Stories
  • Triggers- Top of mind means top of tongue
  • 80% of purchase is consideration
  • Grocery store music example- When German music on, more people buy German wine. When French music on, more people buy French wine
  • Peanut Butter and _______?
  • Rum and _______?
  • What is your peanut butter?
  • Link yourself to a frequent thing! 
  • 4 Key Questions:
  • Who do we want to be triggered?
  • When do we want them to think about it?
  • What is around them at that time?
  • How can we create a link to that thing?
  • Each one reach one
Stay tuned for Part 2 coming very, very soon :)
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