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Have a story to tell? Try OPP (Other People's Podcasts)

Why podcasts are the new medium for sharing your story, and how to take advantage of it

Are you a fan of the Tim Ferriss Show? How about The Art of Charm? 

No matter what your preferred podcast is, these new ways of sharing your message are taking the world by storm. While radio and television commercials are on the way out, sharing your passions on OPP (Other People's Podcasts) are in.

My goal for this blog post is to tell you why you need to share your message on OPP and how it will help you reach a bigger audience.

Let's dive in!

1. Podcasts already have a built-in audience. USE IT!

When it comes to sharing your story, product, business, passion, etc., finding the right audience can be difficult. In a world where social media is anything but segregated, telling the right people about your "thing" can be a tough task to accomplish.

Enter podcasts.

While not every podcast is created equal, it makes sense for you to search out podcasts that share the same alignment with you. If your thing is cars, find a car podcast and reach out to be on their show. If your thing is fitness, find a fitness podcast that you can share your vision on.

While this sounds a little too easy, trust me, it is in fact that easy.

As a podcast host myself, we are always looking for more interesting people to interview and share on our shows. Have a unique story- reach out to us podcasters! Have a product that's going to change the world- find a podcast and you are guaranteed to reach a broad audience!

Take advantage of the fan base that the podcasts already enjoy and you are on your way to success.

2. It' great friggin' press!

We're all familiar with the phrase "No press ins bad press", and this fits OPP perfectly. When you share your story with others, you are only helping your cause. 

Think about having the opportunity to share with a mass group of people who probably aren't that familiar with you. That's exactly what OPP is- a fishing pond filled with fish that you haven't tapped yet. In my eyes, your chances of getting more fans can only increase (unless you totally bomb, or your message is not helping others).

Another great use for podcast interviews is sharing them on your social and websites. It's just another piece of press that you can share with your audience as a "hey I was on a podcast so someone things I'm a leader in my field". I've had people come on my show and later tell me that their conversations on my show was "the best press they've had". 


You just have to show up and talk about what you know most about- you. Take advantage of these things people!

3. Opens doors to the podcast network and beyond

Not only does OPP open you up to their audience, but it opens you up to their business/friendship networks as well. Why is this important? If you don't know the answer to that question then you need a lesson in networking.

I've had many personal experiences where I've been on OPP and they introduce me to people that they believe can help me. And vice versa.

I love when people come on my show and have a worthy cause. I am MORE than willing to throw my contacts their way. 

Now think about this in terms of what you are trying to accomplish?

If you are going on a podcast that shares your passions, wouldn't you think that person would know people you'd like to know? My guess is most certainly.

If you can take advantage of OPP, you have a high probability of finding more business, partners, connections, and much more!

If you are someone looking to share your story, contact me. I can help :)

Like I mentioned before, I am always looking for people to come on my show!

If you are someone who has a unique story and would like to share it, contact me through this post, through our website, or at yYieldMastermind AT gmail dot com. If you know someone who could benefit from this blog post, share it with them. OPP is one of the best ways to get press that can do nothing but help.

Or shit, if you are interested in learning more about this topic, or getting connected somewhere else, go ahead and reach out and we will see how we can help. 

Trust me, this is a GAME CHANGER.

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