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Are Morning Rituals Really Effective?

What you can learn from incorporating a morning ritual.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!". - Benjamin Franklin
Is waking up early in the morning to meditate or do some weird mantrams really that effective? Can doing some stretches or taking a cold shower really add value to my day?
Be careful how you think about and answers these questions, because the answer is an overwhelming YES! 
Think about it. How do most people start their day? By hearing their alarm and hitting the snooze button.
Can we agree that putting life on hold first thing in the morning is a terrible message to send to our subconscious?
What would happen if we woke up excited as hell, jumped out of bed, hopped in a cold shower, and wrote down a few things we are grateful for?
Life would be a WHOLE LOT different.
Above is a video from Phil Randazzo, Co-Founder of YIELD Mastermind Group, on the principles from a book titled The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.
Take a listen and decide which principles you want to incorporate, if not all of them!
Good luck and please comment below if you have any questions or comments! :)
By the way, if you didn't get a chance to hear the first YIELD Mastermind Talks podcast interview with our very own JT Burns, just click on the button below!
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