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Archangel Academy Takeaways- Part 2: The Finishing Touches

As promised, here is Part 2 of my personal notes for Archangel Academy 2016. Below is $5,000 worth of information learned from the WORLD's most innovative, kind, loving, caring, and abundant (and much more I can't even describe) thought leaders all locked in a room together for two days.
You are welcome.
Book Q & A Panel
  • Are you a vitamin or a painkiller?
  • Find disciples and utilize them!
  • Book recommendation- Guide to Literary Agents
  • Agents are very risk averse
  • Book that sell more than 5k copies per year or at least 5k in the first three months are good fit for agents
  • Don't start by writing! (How contrary)
  • Resource- Book in a box by Tucker Max
  • Have backend in place when book is launched
Sales and Spiritual Selling- Choirstorm(Short breakout session) with Jesse Elder
  • There are two aspects to selling- specificity and personal responsibility
  • Control and responsibility are synonymous (makes total sense)
  • Are people for looking for info or result?
  • Invite people to specificity
  • 4 Step Process (PEAK)
  1. Present
  2. Empathy
  3. Awareness
  4. Knowledge
  • Put 10 percent of what you are making into your selling (so simple yet makes so much sense)
Online Product Creation and Launches (Choirstorm)
  • Pitfalls- don't take six months to build program, just launch and let the customers tell you, build list before you launch, put all questions and answers to inquiries in a spreadsheet/database to help in future w launches
  • Leverage your launches
  • Spread your risks- launches will look totally different in three years
  • Look at your exit strategy
  • How to create your own Mastermind group program
  • Product launches fail because you are talking about the plane instead of the destination- don't talk about credentials, calls, etc.
  • What do they want, in THEIR words
  • Create lite version of product
  • Ascension model- go super high end, reach out to other people, leverage your social capital
Random notes
  • Easy to understand is different than impossible to misunderstand (BOOM!)
  • Back what you say with Love
  • Shit sandwich- gratitude, feedback (own your side), gratitude
  • Your plan is not your path
  • Preparation before performance
  • Your legacy is something you start w in preparation
  • The people you choose change the trajectory of your life
Day 2 is starting now! Stay with me guys, I know it's a lot of information. Are you willing to put in the work to work on yourself? Keep on going.
Lisa Sasevich- Irresistible Offers
  • We have to assume the throne
  • Give yourself a title!- She gave herself one and it still exists
  • Irresistible offers invite pursuit
  • Don't change your act, change your audience
  • Acknowledge you have something to offer- articulate so that it rings like a dog whistle
  • Why make and offer?- It's a disservice not to, it's like rowing them into a lake and leaving them there!
Victoria- Better Communication
  • Communication is about the experience it gives to the listener
  • Biggest mistake you can make is focusing too much on the information (interesting)
  • Focus on creating an experience
  • Bob Dylan- "The purpose of art is to stop time"- HELL YES!
  • How do you think about communication as an art? (Great ask)
  • What's the nobility behind your work?
  • "Just remember, you are there to share"
  • Reconnect with your through line in each scene!
  • Biggest mistake- making it too much about the info!
  • Inside of white light is all colors- your through line is the white light and color spectrum is your expression
  • Audience wants authenticity first
  • Create a full spectrum experience
  • What are your clients saying and then reanimate that!
  • Using both horizontal and vertical space
  • When you are telling your story, RELIVE IT!
  • Index cards to prepare- cut your prep time in half- use the cards to layout the composition of talk
  • What goes on the cards you ask?- Not info, but ideas
  • Stories are only one way to convey your experience
  • People remember "bits"- What is your bit? (genius)
  • Take the audience on a journey
UJ Ramdas- Five-Minute Journal, Productivity Planner
  • Lesson #1- Get clear and commit!
  • Lesson #2- First impressions sometimes suck
  • Business is about people and trust
  • Lesson #3- Make it hurt
  • Lesson #4- Move fast
  • Lesson #5- Scratch your itch
  • Lesson #6- Your product is your best marketing (so true)
  • Lesson #7- Celebrate!
  • Lesson #8- Never stop dreaming
  • Abraham Maslow, hierarchy of needs pyramid- we make hundreds of choices each day, and each one leads to hundreds of consequences-these consequences can be either GROWTH or SAFETY
  • At the top of his pyramid, only difference was people taking more growth choices
  • Book- The Farther Reaches of Human Nature- Maslow
That's all folks. Thanks for taking precious time out of your day to join me on my journey. If you got at least one nugget from these posts, it was well worth your time :)
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